Bringing the STRONG to your Brand.

Hello Friend….

Welcome to my little place on the interwebs.

Rita here.

I’m an Online Genius!  Branding creator of all the things, Health and Wellness enthusiast, Empowerer and a difference maker.

Enough said?

Oh and my love for Margarita’s and Cheesburger’s is infinite.

I always get the question… ‘What do you do exactly?’ A lot…and the answer is, I do ME, which is a blend of passions and expertise’s I’ve collected throughout my life! I’m a Graphic/Web Designer, Empowering Apparel Owner and Network Marketing professional. In other words, I am a passionate entrepreneur who loves the online space!

I’m so glad you’re here, feel free to click around, but most importantly I’d love for you to learn more about what lights my soul on fire and the impact that I’m trying to make in the world… let’s go…